Duphaston 10mg Tablet

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Duphaston tablet is used to treat disorders related to the female reproductive cycle, infertility, irregular menses and uterine bleeding. It contains dydrogesterone as an active ingredient. This is a synthetic form of the female hormone progesterone.

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Duphaston Tablet is a hormonal medication. It has a similar action to the female hormone known as progesterone. It is used for the treatment of menstrual conditions such as unusual menstrual bleeding or pain, irregular periods, and premenstrual syndrome (physical and emotional changes experienced by some women a few days before menstruation).

Duphaston Tablet is also used to treat endometriosis (growth of tissue outside the womb), female infertility, threatened abortions (vaginal bleeding that occurs in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy), or habitual abortion (three or more consecutive pregnancy losses). This medicine is used as a component in hormone replacement therapy (a treatment to relieve symptoms of menopause). Duphaston Tablet works by imitating the activities of the natural hormone progesterone, which in turn helps to treat conditions caused due to hormonal imbalance in the body.

Side effects:

Duphaston Tablet may cause side effects such as nausea, headache, abnormal vaginal discharge, breast pain and tenderness, etc. These side effects usually subside with time. However, consult your doctor for further assistance if they persist or worsen. Avoid driving vehicles or operating heavy machines if you feel dizzy or drowsy after taking this medicine.

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