Anucare (haemorrhoid) Ointment 20g

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Hemorrhoids, fissures, and anal discomforts can all be managed with Anucare Ointment, which has a user-friendly application process. Treatment is provided for both internal and exterior fissures and haemorrhoids.

1 tube per box



  • Relief of itching, burning, soreness of hemorrhoids, minor rectal inflammations & irritations.


  • Wash & dry affected area. Attach the plastic applicator tip onto the tube, then insert the tip into rectum and gently squeeze the tube.
  • Apply the ointment to affected area ensuring the area is completely covered.
  • Apply morning & night & after each bowel movement.
  • After use, wash the nozzle in hot solution of detergent and then rinse throughly with water.

INGREDIENTS: Zinc oxide, Benzyl benzoate, Balsam peru

Anucare Ointment is used to:

  • Relief itching
  • Relief burning
  • Relief pain associated with haemorrhoids
  • Relief mild rectal inflammations and irritations

Anucare Ointment may be used to cure hemorrhoids immediately. Nonetheless, prevention is always better than cure. The most effective strategy to avoid hemorrhoids and to keep them from recurring is to live a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy balance of (fibrous) foods and exercise, as well as regular toilet habits and personal cleanliness.